Greeting & Seating
1. Were you acknowledged / greeted within a reasonable amount of time? *
2. Did you receive a friendly, welcome? *
3. Did you have to wait to be seated, due to the restaurant being full? *
4. If you had to wait, were you told about how long the wait time would be? *
5. If you made a booking, were your reservation details correct? *
6. Did your table have enough cutlery, napkins and sauces? *
7. Did the Team Member explain, that you should order at the counter? *
8. Did the Team Member explain where to find your table number? *
1. Was your order taken at your table or did you order at the counter? *
2. Did the Team Member explain where the you could help yourself to complimentary water? *
3. Did the Team Member display good product knowledge, when asked a question? *
4. Did anyone check to see if you were happy with your meal? *
5. Were you offered further drinks? *
6. Were you offered anything else (deserts, coffee)? *
7. If you had a genuine reason to complain, was it dealt with to your satisfaction? *
8. Did you receive a warm and genuine goodbye when you left the restaurant? *
1. Were your drinks served in a reasonable amount of time? *
2. If a Team Member took your order from your table, was your food order taken within a reasonable amount of time? *
3. Were your meals served in a reasonable amount of time? *
4. Once you had finished your meal, was your table cleared in a reasonable amount of time? *
5. If there were any delays with your food or drinks being served, did the server/manager acknowledge the delay and apologise for the wait? *
Food & drink
2. Please rate the overall food quality *
3. Please rate the food presentation *
4. Please rate the overall taste *
5. Was the crockery clean and chip free? *
6. Did the water station have enough glasses and carafes? *
Was the temperature right for you? Did the Pigsty team have product knowledge about the origins of the coffee?
3. Were all of the staff smart and in uniform? *
4. Was the manager visible and hands on? *
1. Was the exterior of the restaurant clean and tidy? *
2. Was the interior of the restaurant presentable and clean? *
3. Were vacated tables quickly cleared and reset? *
4. Was the lighting appropriate? *
5. Was the temperature appropriate? *
6. Was the music style and volume appropriate? *
1. Based on your experience today, would you return to Pigsty? *
4. Could the Team Member explain the Pigsty story? *
5. Could the Team Member explain where our pork comes from? *
6. Could the Team Member explain the Jolly Hog story? *