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Welcome to PIGSTY

Home of the Hog


A neighbourhood restaurant using happy hogs and local produce.

Our rolled pork bellies and chops are from a small farm an hour away using RSPCA Assured, outdoor reared,  Hampshire and Duroc cross breed pigs.

Our sausages and bacon are made by The Jolly Hog 

.Once upon a time there were three brothers. A rugby player, a ship broker and a cabinet maker. The three brothers loved eating meat. One day they were having a heated debate about their favourite pork sausages yet none could agree on the best. The debate became so tense they decided to solve the problem by creating their very own porky delights and 


The Jolly Hog was born!


John Sheppard

John Sheppard butchers are a Bristol based family business who have been supplying high quality meat for over 70 years.


The Traditional Free Range Egg Company

These guys run their farm with love, care, freedom and fresh air, which really shows in the quality and flavour of their eggs.


proper bread 

A lovely family bakery only 1.5 miles from Pigsty. They take real pride in maintaining traditional values and using the finest flour from the award-winning Shipton Mill.


Clifton Coffee

The well known Bristol roasters supply us with El Salvador beans that have a floral aroma, syrupy mouth feel with notes of prunes, chamomile and hibiscus.


Stokes Sauces

Stokes make all their sauces at their “saucery” in the heart of rural Suffolk, preparing them in small batches with great ingredients. They are the perfect accompaniment to our porky treats. 


Wiper and True

Based in Bristol their aim is to always create something truly special from roasting their own malts to ageing beer on different kinds of wood.


Hunts Cider

The Hunt's have been making traditional farmhouse ciders on the South Devon coast since 1805. Nestled in to a hillside in Aish, Grove Orchard is where the cider is pressed, fermented and packaged.


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